Fair Prices for Carpet Cleaning in Amarillo Tx

When looking for a carpet cleaning technician, it can be helpful to have an understanding of fair market prices before engaging a business in conversation. This could be especially relevant if you have no idea what companies are charging based on the information you find on the internet. For example, after searching carpet cleaning Amarillo tx, I looked at seven different websites and only one had a listing of their prices. How can I determine from one source what is a reasonable price? I can’t.

So after some more digging on the internet here are some normal figures you can expect to encounter when hiring a carpet cleaning service.

When considering prices, one must look at the two main types of carpet cleaning—encapsulation (chemical) and hot water extraction. Generally when cleaning around 650-square feet of carpet, using the chemical method, the price should be in the range of $120-$250. For 975-square feet, the range increases to $180-$400. And if your home or property has upwards of around 1,700 square feet of carpet you can be expecting to pay $320-$600.

For hot water extraction, the prices for the same amount of square footage are slightly less. This is in part due to the cost of using specialized chemicals and more of them in the encapsulation method than what are used in hot water extraction. So for 650-sqaure feet of carpet cleaned by hot water extraction, the range is $100-$200. 975-square feet will cost $150-$300. And 1,700-square feet costs $180-$550.

Even if your home or business does not have a significant amount of carpet, like 650-square feet, it is a standard practice for companies to charge at least $75.

There is an option provided by some companies for property owners to rent the equipment and chemicals to clean their carpets themselves. Prices are not too exorbitant: around $22 for the machine and $13 for a half gallon of cleaning solution. You can also get spot cleaners and odor removers for fairly cheap—four or five dollars. Unless you’ve been trained, though, cleaning your own carpet can be fairly risky. There’s actually quite a bit that goes into not only effectively restoring a carpets appearance but its health rating. It might not be wide spread knowledge, however it is somewhat common sense that carpets, when not cleaned properly, can be damaging to a person’s health, specifically their respiratory functions.

In fact there are certifications awarded to companies and technicians, that meet the requirements for proper cleaning standards. The organization that gives such certifications and vetting is called The Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration—IICR. So it is a service that can be easily botched. And when you think about it, when looking at a company would you hire an untrained person to clean your carpet? No. So why would you hire yourself unless you had the right kind of training?

A few other costs or options to keep in mind are: stairs, stain removal, and furniture cleaning. Most companies will charge $2-$3 per stair cleaned. Stain removal usually costs around .10 cents a square foot. Some companies might not charge by the square foot, but offer a standard discounted fee for a bulk area of square feet. When it comes to furniture, companies tend to charge $60-$200 for sofas, $40-$140 for loveseats and such, and $1-$1.50 per square foot of wool rug, or around .75 cents per square foot of synthetic rug.

Obviously not every company, but most, offer discounts of some kind. Check with the company you’re considering about such discounts as: free deodorizing, free pre-spotting, multiple-room discounts, carpet and upholstery combination discounts, military or senior citizen discounts. And if you own multiple properties, you might be able to work out a multiple property discount. It never hurts to ask.

Now if a company, which is most it seems, does not have its prices listed on the website, another way you might be able to find out before calling is to check the testimonials either on the website or through google. Sometimes people might have already posted not only about the quality of service but about the cost. It’s always good to look at testimonials anyway, even if there is no hint at prices. This way if you call the company and they have higher than normal prices you can decide, based on the quality of service testified about by others, whether the company is worth the extra “doe”.

Now you do not have to go “un-armed” into the buying conversation when it comes to carpet cleaning, and you can confidently get a great service at the right price, and perhaps even save some money!

Save Some Money On A Lubbock Roofing Company

Loosing a roof to a storm or even just to age is a big problem.  Even when insurance pays out, there is often less money available to re-roof your house than the cost of a new roof.  So what do you do when you need a new roof, but don’t have enough money to pay for one?

You get creative, and you do a little work yourself.

I have lived in the Lubbock area for over 20 years, and have lost several roofs to hail, wind, and falling limbs.  I was able to lessen the sting of getting a new roof put on by doing a little of the work myself.  I did a little google search for “roofing Lubbock Texas,” and after getting several prices from Lubbock roofing contractors, I found the roofer from Lubbock that I trusted, and that would let me do part of the work myself to save money.  There are three factors that I was looking for when searching for my roofing contractor.

  1. Roofer from Lubbock. No, Lubbock roofers aren’t better than those from other towns, but I was able to find a roofer that was based in my area.  That is important because they are able to follow-up on the work after it is finished.  There are a lot of people who think they can roof a house, but most of them will slip up on something simple, but be nowhere close when the problem rears it’s ugly head.  They are also more willing to make a lifelong customer rather than just taking somebody’s money.
  2. Trustworthy roofers are all around, but finding one you trust is key. The things I look for are: willing to work with the client according to budget and job scale, history in the community, high ratings on yelp or angie’s list, etc.  Make sure that it’s somebody you want to be associated with after the job is done.  Someone you can recommend to a friend or neighbor is someone you want to work on your own home.
  3. Find a roofer that will tell you exactly what each part of the job costs, and sticks to his/her price after you offer to do some of the work yourself.

That being said, after finding the right roofer for you, you can get an idea as to what you can save by working for yourself, as well as, taking survey of what you think you can accomplish at the same quality as the roofing contractor.

Typically, the best job for a homeowner to do himself or herself is removing the old shingles.  Insurance companies like the old shingles because it helps to ensure that the new job is done properly, and that they are exposed to less risk than if the shingles were simply overlaid atop the old ones.  (Even though insurance companies say that they allow overlay, you should investigate possible premium hikes associated with that technique.  It may not be as valuable as it seems.)

Removing the old shingles is difficult work, but it doesn’t taka a lot of skill.  Make sure that you feel comfortable on top of a roof, and you will need a few tools to make the job easier.  A claw hammer, a crow bar, shingle-removal-shovel, broom wheel barrow, and a roll-off dumpster or trailer to haul the old shingles to the dump.  Once you gather your tools, and maybe a few friends that are gluttons for punishment, you can start removing the roof from your house.

You will need to allow yourself plenty of time to accomplish the task, with the roofing company you have selected from www.texasroofersdirectory.com coordinating time with you to ensure that you don’t expose your home to unnecessary weather problems while the shingles are off the roof.

When you have everything you need, start at the top of the roof by removing the ridge row, then tear off two or three rows of shingles at a time by detaching several shingles with your tools, and then pulling upward on them to detach them from the roof deck.  Be careful to keep your footing throughout the process.  After the shingles are removed from top to bottom, ensure that all the nails are out of the deck.  Old nails will often tear new shingles, so avoid the temptation to hammer old nails down instead of removing them.

Finish the project by sweeping the entire roof off to prepare it for the roofing company.  The last of the nails, and small bits of shingles can be cleaned up off the ground before going to the dump.

Removing a roof should take no more than two days, but could save you several thousand dollars in the total cost of the roof.  Some money may be necessary to dump the used shingles in the local land-fill, but the cost should be less than $100 in most areas.